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North Main,
North Rt. 33,
West side
Palestine School Building
built in 1872
Main St.
North of Rt. 33, facing south
Grade School
Palestine School Students
Palestine School Students 1906
Palestine School Students
Year unknown
Palestine School Students
Grade School, N. Main St.
To it's right is The Academy, a private school.
Notice the gas lighting, these street lights were lowered
at dusk to be lit by the lamplighter.
Grade School
Palestine Grade School Students
4th grade
Palestine Grade School 4th grade 1908
Palestine Grade School
Top Row: Maxine Stewart, Dorothy Burke, Sara Good,
Virginia Postlewaite, Betty Weger,
J. Potter,Margaret Knight
Boys with ties: Richey Twins

Photo submitted by Ruth McDaniel
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Palestine Grade School
Palestine Grade School
Palestine Grade School Students 1923
Palestine Grade School Students
Front Row Left to Right
 #1 ?, #2 ?, #3 Marlene Potter, #4 Elinor Stone,#5 Kenny Stone,
 #6 Larry Hyre, #7 Raymond Hall, #8 Wade Buntin, #9 Curtis Biehl,
 #10 ? Bowen,  #11 Ronald Adams
Second Row Left to Right
#1 Rosella Richards, #2 Karen Hout, #3 Patricia Stoner, #4 ?,
#5 ?, #6 Barbara Hardesty, #7 Jim West, #8 Roland Seymore,
#9 Dick Stewart, #10 Larry Reynolds
Third Row Left to Right
#1 Kiva Hawkins, #2 Betty Richards, #3 ?, #4 Leslie Hash,
#5 Rondle Smith, #6 ?, #7 Darlene Cox, #8 ?, #9 ?, #10 Keith Hess
Fourth Row Left to Right
#1 ?, #2 ?, #3 Janice Fox, #4 ?, #5 ?, #6 ?
Back Row Left to Right
 Mr. Smith, Principle & Teacher, #1 Ruth Richards, #2 Rita Green,
#3 Phyllis Jeffreys, #4 ?, #5 Betty Harris, #6 ?, #7 Sarah Billingsly,
Mrs. Jensen, Teacher

Palestine Grade School Students 1950-51
Hotel on the lot where the Superintendent's Office is today,
Main St. and Market.
It burned down in 1922.
Hotel: burned 1922
  Early Cafe
FIFE OPERA HOUSE To visit the organizations website, click here:   
Joan Fulling giving a tour of theOpera House
for Palestine Public Library's
 Summer Reading Program
Fife Opera House Tour with Joan Fulling 
Stage of the Opera House  Fife Opera House Stage 
Refurbished Lighting and Stenciling Fife Opera House Lighting 
Tour of Fife Opera House  Fife Opera House Tour 
Refurbished Auditorium for the Opera House Fife Opera House upstairs 
Tea Party Princess with American Girl doll  
Tea Party Treats  ready to go out to 200+ party-goers.  
Max and Joan  Fulling
Teany Tiny Tea Party
KITCHELL'S GROCERY STORE Kitchell Connections.pdf
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